The Space Xmitter white paper will continue to be refined as the game grows.
The Space Xmitter project was inspired by the world's most legendary company, SpaceX, and its founder Musk, who was on the verge of failure and bankruptcy for several years before achieving great success. New companies are born every day in Silicon Valley, and many go bankrupt, but it is in this constant grind that technology giants such as Apple, Google and Facebook emerge.While space Xmitter is a project inspired by Musk's tireless spirit and is conducted in a completely open and transparent manner.50% of the entire platform proceeds will be invested when Musk's spaceX opens a new round of funding, and the stocks and dividends earned will be distributed in the form of tokens to players who hold Space Xmitter NFT.
Space Xmitter is a pure contract game platform to earn while playing, all playing rules are on the contract, there is no loophole, all contract games only use small amount of money to participate, gather less into more, achievement of the crowd, to create a completely free and fair contract game platform.
Our vision is the same as Musk's - to take to the skies and "see the planet like never before". Our goal is to have over 40 million users and over 1,000 playable contract games worldwide, through which we connect brands, gamers and crypto projects.
Our mission is to recognize and reward effort, skill and loyalty. We aim to introduce the value of blockchain to mainstream gamers.
Useful links
• spacex.date - the official website of the project, providing links to all products
• Roadmap - Space Xmitter's development plan
• Social Media - find us, follow us, ask us, contact us here
• FAQs - Detailed explanation of game problems
White Paper
• SX (Space Xmitter) Token - Summarizing the key points of the Space Xmitter Token and its role in the platform game and ecosystem
• Space Xmitter bot meta——An in-depth look at the plans behind our blockchain-based roles
Where to play
• Space Xmitter for all ends - Play and earn at any time
• Participation Rewards -Get huge token rewards for free or a small investment
• Space Xmitter bot - participate in games and tournaments held on the platform to get ranking rewards
All token-related stuff
• Block Browser Information