Space Xmitter is a high-engagement, earn-as-you-play contract gaming platform that rewards players for their skills and efforts.
Space Xmitter's products are the new frontier of casual mobile gaming in the virtual world, powered by SX tokens, utility tokens that support platform access, operation and governance. Our mission is to recognize and reward players for their skill, effort and loyalty, and to introduce the value of the blockchain to mainstream gamers.
Space Xmitter aims to explore how new technologies can impact the formation of communities in the gaming space. Since 2018, we've been using blockchain technology to power our broader ecosystem, including NFT incarnations, governance tokens, and blockchain competitions for full trust.We believe that blockchain as a supporting technology can give power back to the player community, giving them a real stake in the game world they helped build. We believe that establishing ownership of digital assets in a way that is not controlled by developers in any central way can fundamentally change the relationship between developers and players. We want to use these mechanisms to transfer as much control of the gaming ecosystem to the community as possible. There have been many exciting predictions over the past few years about the ultimate promise of bringing distributed blockchain to gaming, and Space Xmitter is focused on making it happen.
Why blockchain?
A blockchain is essentially a database maintained by multiple independent participants rather than a single one. The main difference between a traditional database and a blockchain-powered database is decentralization: the owner of a traditional database is responsible for maintaining that database and therefore has the right to change the accounting in it. When the responsibility for maintaining the database is shared, no entity has that power. The idea of decentralization has a special resonance in terms of gaming. Games have long been a space where a sense of ownership is shared between developers and players, whether it's simply a fan base invested in the game's plot and characters, or a complete integration into a game driven platform created entirely by the user. However, as this relationship has become more complex over the years, end users operate in good faith: developers can change anything at any time, while users ultimately have only the power to spend their money and time, or not.Separate databases maintained by players and developers offer a new way to conceive of this relationship. They allow players to maintain control over the assets they acquire in the game and use them as they see fit. This may mean transferring them elsewhere in the same ecosystem, or exchanging them for tokens that can be used in other games. Inevitably, this means that developers must give up a sense of agency and transfer some of it to players. That can be a scary prospect, but that's what makes it exciting. On Space Xmitter's platform, players can take their winnings out of the ecosystem and spend them elsewhere as needed, or bring in digital assets from other projects and use them to access special features in Space Xmitter.
Blockchain is not the answer to all games.The modern gaming industry has grown up along with different paradigms that serve them well. At Space Xmitter, we believe the actual capabilities of blockchain games can only be seen in experiences built from the ground up around decentralized principles, and that the final games produced will look the same as we did from the beginning. About Space Xmitter Launched as a DAPP with crypto rewards, players can test your reflexes and strategic thinking in a unique set of highly skilled, ultra-casual games in face-to-face matches or large tournaments to place bets on themselves.Space Xmitter's vision is to be the arcade of the blockchain. A virtual arcade house where people play, compete in ultra-casual games, earn rewards and interact with each other. A place to connect gamers, brand sponsors and partners, and game creators. With blockchain technology, virtual arcades are owned and managed by the community.
About Space-NFT
Space-NFT is Space Xmitter's first non-homogeneous token and represents a step towards a more complex gaming ecosystem. The NFT is essentially a unique identifier that can be attached to a digital commodity. This identifier is verified on a distributed blockchain and therefore virtually impossible to forge. Typically, these are used in a fairly simple way to establish ownership of digital art. At Space Xmitter, we're intrigued by the idea of NFTs, but think they can be used in more complex ways than we've seen so far.This is why Space-NFT is not just a digital image, it is a complete digital body with a unique look and statistics that can be applied to a variety of games. They are built with flexibility in mind: our current games only use a subset of a given SX-NFT statistic, but they already have more data than is encoded. space-NFT is currently used to unlock exclusive games in the Space Xmitter DAPP where players can use their individual characters to compete in experiences tailored to Space-NFT Owners. Space-NFT is currently used to unlock exclusive games in the Space Xmitter DAPP where players can compete using their personal characters in an experience tailored to Space-NFT Owners.This is a proof of concept for us, and we are currently developing many different experiences using Space-NFT. The idea is that you will be able to experience the same SX-NFT through multiple experiences, whether created by Space Xmitter or sitting in existing meta-sections, as well as upgrading them and nurturing them to create new Space-NFTs.
Because Space-NFT are blockchain assets, they are completely freely tradable between players outside of the Space Xmitter ecosystem. While we plan to support them through multiple experiences, there is nothing that theoretically prevents third-party developers from using them. That's the nature of an asset on a distributed blockchain: it belongs to the holder, not the platform.Governance and Ownership The SX token that underpins the Space Xmitter ecosystem is also a governance token, providing an unprecedented level of participation and control for SX holders within the Space Xmitter ecosystem. In the crypto world, governance tokens can create so-called "DAOs" or decentralized autonomous organizations. This means that there is a binding agreement built into the technology that allows a group of people to run an organization without having to rely on central management.While Space Xmitter is not strictly a DAO, we are borrowing some of these principles to ensure that our community has a true democratic force in the overall direction of the platform. SX holders will be able to vote on development priorities, thus providing the team with guidance on what games or features to make next. This may cover anything in the Space Xmitter experience that,For example whether the contest will offer more rewards for top rankings or aim to distribute the pool more evenly. They will also be able to vote on third-party games hosted in the Space Xmitter ecosystem, allowing external developers to publish to the ecosystem in a binding vote with community support. This gives SX holders an unprecedented level of control over the features of the arcade and the broader SX ecosystem. They can decide to push the arcade into eSports or more casual competition depending on how the community evolves.