How to race

How to race?
Entry fees are paid in SX, as are rewards (points are free in-game currency) You can choose from 3 different levels with different entry fees and rewards After submitting two scores, the results will be announced and prizes distributed 1v1 matches Player versus player, in which participants are matched according to their skill level Entry fees are paid in SX tokens by both players.
The winner receives SX tokens and Space Xmitter charges players a 14% platform fee per game The prize pool is funded by the tournament entry fee paid by the player After two scores are submitted, the results are announced and prizes are distributed The tournament is a skill-based game competition for all levels of the player base The tournament is time-limited and can last from a few hours to a few days The results of the scores scored during the tournament are displayed in the tournament leaderboard.
only the highest scores achieved by each player are uploaded to the leaderboard and the tournament entrance fee is paid by the player in SX tokens.
Top players receive SX tokens from the prize pool, which is fixed, communicated before the tournament starts and funded by the game's operating pool. Depending on the game, certain tournaments are single entry and are designed to prevent players from gaining an unfair advantage by replaying the same random game over and over again.
What tournament is coming up and who will decide the prize pool?
Initially, Space Xmitter team is setting up tournaments and prize pools. We will try tournaments and prize pools of different durations to make the community experience perfect Sometimes you can win other tokens in sponsored tournaments, such as $SHIB, 1INCH and ETH. they will be marked as sponsored tournaments at Space Xmitter .
Over time, players will have the right to vote on prize pool allocations and you will be able to host custom tournaments for others. For more information on this, stay tuned for our route map and future announcements.
Is there a new game for Space Xmitter?
Yes. Space Xmitter started with only a few games planned, but the Space Xmitter team is already working on preparing multiple games and we will be updating the Space Xmitter experience regularly. Second, we are looking for ways to enable anyone to host their games on Space Xmitter. Follow our route map and future announcements.
Why do you charge a fee in the competition?
Through fees collected from contests, we are building a prize pool and treasure trove of SX tokens.