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I lost my connection to the game - what happens to the SX I used to play?
If you are able to reconnect to the Internet, you can click Retry and submit your score. However, if you are unable to reconnect, then you will have to quit the game. Your scores will not be submitted and you will lose your entry fee. This is done to prevent cheating and to promote fair play - people cannot turn off their Internet to get a refund when their scores are not perfect.
I can't withdraw my token rewards
And your wallet must support the ETH (ERC20) network and needs to have a tiny amount of ETH as a gas fee, as everything operates automatically on the contract and blockchain.
After removing SX tokens from Space Xmitter, I can't see it in my wallet
When withdrawing SX from space xmitter, make sure to send it to a wallet that supports the ETH(ERC20) network or switch the wallet to the ETH(ERC20) network. Make sure to add the custom token SX on ETH(ERC20) using the correct contract address. This is the SX contract address on ETH(ERC20): https://etherscan.io/address/0x96eb50804d0ef2790f2e1a33670feff6040cf89d
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