Qualifying Tournament

How does pairing work?
Players are matched against another player with a similar MMR (Matchmaking Rank), which is a hidden value used to determine a player's ability in a particular game. This means you can always match against someone with a similar skill level. However, the matches are not simultaneous; you are not playing a real-time multiplayer game.
You will be matched against people who have played or played after you at a similar level (in this case, the results will show "pending" and you can see your results soon).
Space Xmitter does not keep track of whether you or other players won or lost a match - the only value used is your MMR points.
Why do I need to qualify for a 1v1 tournament?
Qualifying helps you earn MMR points so you can play against other players with similar skill levels. It also gives you time to learn how the game works and how to practice. In qualifying, you earn the same number of MMR as LP (league points), which means that if you win 3 matches, for example, you will not be able to match against players who have not won any matches.
Do all games have an MMR rating?
No, each match has a different MMR rating. So don't worry if you do well in one match but not in another - you will always be matched with someone who has a similar skill level in that particular match.
How do MMR points work?
MMR is a hidden attribute that we use only for matches. If you win a 1v1 match, you will gain MMR points. If you lose a 1v1 match, you will lose MMR points in a row. If the match is a tie, both players gain a small number of MMR points. If you are on a winning streak and win multiple matches in a row, your MMR gain is increased so you can quickly reach a more appropriate level and vice versa; if you lose several matches in a row, you will drop down to a level where you are more likely to win more quickly.
You will continue to collect MMR points throughout the season. You will only be matched against opponents within a certain range of your MMR rating. However, if your opponent has a little more MMR points than you do and you win the match, you will receive a small MMR bonus for beating a stronger opponent. Likewise, if you lose to a player with fewer MMR points than you, you will receive an MMR deduction so that you will be matched against an easier opponent in your next match.
What is the difference between LP and MMR?
LP or League Points are the more important points you gain or lose after a 1v1 match in Space Xmitter. LP determines your ranking in a given game, and it is these that you need to upgrade from Bronze to Silver, etc.
MMR points also increase or decrease after a match. However, unlike LP, MMR is affected by multipliers and bonuses when you are on a winning or losing streak, while LP is consistent and is not affected by your winning streak.
Can I earn MMR points or league points for participating in practice matches?
You earn MMR points, but you do not earn league points. The reason for gaining MMR points is that even in practice matches your skill level can be determined and you will then play 1v1 matches against players close to your skill level. However, league points affect your ranking, and since this can be rewarded with SX (Space Xmitter) through the referral system, it is fair for players to move up in real matches.