Space Xmitter Creators Alliance

You can get paid for creating games or videos
If you are invited to become a member of the Space Xmitter Creator Consortium, you can upload your video (or your unique referral link) wherever you want. If you have more than 1000 views, we will still pay you based on the number of views. Do I have to make YouTube videos? Can I make them for Instagram, Facebook, etc.? In this round, we only accept YouTube videos.
At the same time, you can create a game and contact the administrator to post it on Space Xmitter. The Space Xmitter team will design and improve the content based on your game and combine it with SX tokens. After the initial review of your game, the Space Xmitter team will design the game and share the reward scheme in a short time and reply to you, and after obtaining your consent, will carry out secondary development and pay you the weekly share.
How and when will I be paid?
How and when will I be paid?
You will be paid within one week after posting a video or game and the administrator approves it. You can get paid in three ways and you can choose the one you prefer in the application form:
pay pal (USD)
Metamask (ERC20)
USDT (ERC20)* * To find your ETH wallet address, go to your exchange, go to your "Wallet" and select "Deposit". Then select "USDT/ERC20".
We appreciate the efforts of our content creators to promote our great app, and these are partnerships we hope to maintain and nurture for a long time to come. If your video meets all the criteria (listed below), we'll be more than happy to pay you your earnings! What are the criteria for my first video? To get paid for your video, it must meet all of the following requirements: Show some gameplay and demonstrate what you think is the coolest game in the app. Talk about Space Xmitter creator affiliate. Invite people who watch the video to participate in the trial and apply for membership. Tell viewers the link is in the description.
How long should my video be?
If your video is a dedicated video, it must be at least 3 minutes long. If you are making an integrated video, Space Xmitter must play it for at least 50 seconds.
Can I make more than one video?
Yes and no. Of course, you can make as many videos as you want, but you can only submit one for consideration
The Space Xmitter Creator Affiliate Program only allows one video per applicant. However, if you are accepted into the Space Xmitter Creator Consortium, then you will be able to make as many videos as you want.
What type of game does the production need to be?
Any type of game with playability can be listed on Space Xmitter, but you need to make sure it can run on the web, and if your skills are lacking, the Space Xmitter technical team can help you adapt it to the web for free.