Tokens and Points

What is the difference between tokens and points?
Space Xmitter is powered by SX tokens, which are used as entry fees and rewards in tournaments and competitions. It is a utility token based on the ethereum blockchain and can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges that list SX tokens. In order to offer a completely free experience to all players, Space Xmitter introduces points, a free in-game currency that is earned by playing and completing missions.
How do I earn points?
Complete daily tasks - Every day, you'll find new tasks to complete in Space Xmitter, each of which awards points. Daily Rewards - Visit Space Xmitter every day and claim your free point rewards.
Upgrade - Each player upgrades to more skills and experience; points are always awarded for upgrades. Play 1-on-1 practice matches - play against opponents who need to pay points to enter and earn rewards. How do I earn SX tokens? You can earn SX tokens in 1v1 matches and tournaments. Follow our roadmap for more opportunities in Space Xmitter.
Can I earn tokens beyond SX?
Yes. Every month we hold a tournament sponsored by our partners. We've held tournaments with prizes of 1INCH, AAVE, STOX, FANTOM, SHIB, COTI and ETH, with more ERC20 network tokens coming soon.
Can I withdraw additional tokens from my Space Xmitter account?
Yes. The process is exactly the same as when you withdraw your SX.
Please remember that if you send tokens to your Space Xmitter wallet, they must be on the ETH network or they may be lost forever. If you want to withdraw partner tokens from your Space Xmitter balance, it is recommended that you send them to your own personal wallet. Partner tokens on the ETH network may be successfully transferred to your Space Xmitter wallet.