Player Experience

Space Xmitter is a contract game platform where each game is accompanied by bonus points and tournament rewards SX tokens power the core of the experience and are used to access subsequent 1v1 matches and tournaments open to the game, offering prize pools for the best players. In addition to matches and tournaments, players can earn bonus daily missions and special season leaderboard matches. These events vary and are announced prior to the new season.
Tournament prize pools are sponsored by Space Xmitter's various Launchpad partners, and SX tokens can also be earned in sponsored tournaments or through daily missions on Space Xmitter, in limited quantities.
Space Xmitter offers basic and premium experiences for anyone to participate and play, which requires ownership of a specific NFT (SX-NFT character or partner NFT).
Basic Space Xmitter Points 1v1 tournament is a skill-based game competition, 1v1, where participants are matched based on skill level When both scores are submitted, the results are announced and prizes are distributed The tournament entrance fee is paid in SX tokens by both players, the winner receives SXP tokens, and the player is charged a 10% platform fee per game by the host.
The prize pool is created by the tournament entry fee paid by the player, and the tournament is a skill-based game competition for multiple players of all levels. Results during limited tournament play are displayed in the tournament leaderboard, and only the highest score for each player is uploaded to the leaderboard.The tournament entrance fee is paid by the player with SX tokens, and the top players receive rewards from the prize pool, which can be in the form of sponsor tokens, sponsor NFTs or SX tokens, and the prize pool is fixed, and at the beginning of the tournament the player recommends inviting friends by inviting them, and both the player and his/her friends receive SX prizes as they unlock different levels.
Players who invite others to join Space Xmitter will create a team and each team member will be rewarded for reaching silver in at least one game. More information on this process can be found here. Advanced Space Xmitter has partnered with several NFT collections to offer more contract games to collection owners. More details will be released soon. In this way, only SX-NFT owners will have access to a special section on Space Xmitter that contains exclusive SX-NFT games with additional token pools.
Space Xmitter will always put the user experience first!