Newbie Tutorial

Space Xmitter - Newbie Tutorial
🎁1.How to get SX token airdrop?
You can keep an eye on the activities of major official communities, including discord, telegram, twitter, and 100% free SX tokens for active participation In progress: Telegram event to invite friends to the group to get 100SX ($100)
🎁2.How to get SX - NFT airdrop?
Each Space Xmitter contract game has a free NFT for extra gameplay and a daily token dividend for holding an SX-NFT. In progress: Free collection of rocket parts on official website, 100% free SX-NFT
🎁3.What is the Space Xmitter contract game?
Is there a risk? GoldCode is SpaceX's first contract game, GoldCode does not present any risks, GoldCode is professionally audited and we have our own bounty program, and any user who identifies a contract vulnerability can receive 100000USDT rewards.
🎁4.How much can I make by participating in a Space Xmitter contract game?
For example, Gold Code, what you can get is the largest pool of prizes for the current game, which is shown on the official website home page. More contract games will go online over time.