SX-NFT ownership

Irreplaceable Tokens (NFT) are a blockchain-based way to prove ownership, validity and scarcity of unique digital assets that offers an unprecedented shift to the traditional gaming paradigm. Players turn the investments, skills and time they spend in games into tangible digital assets that they own and can choose what to do with. SX-NFT harnesses this power in a variety of ways.
The total number of NFTs is only 3,000, 2,700 low-level and 300 high-level, and high-level NFTs will never be issued
📈 Digital Collectibles - SX-NFT looks great and there is a lot to collect. You can find 5 different rarities (for now) for each of the 3 different categories available. Each SX-NFT has a unique combination of attributes. Overall, over 50 different looks were collected in the first sale. No more visuals will be sold in the future, making each design even more unique!
🎟️ Membership - Owning SX-NFT unlocks special events and opportunities. First, there is a section in the new Space Xmitter DAPP exclusively for SX-NFT owners that contains exclusive game tournaments and prize pools. Learn more on
💰 Leasing - One possibility in the SX-NFT Metaverse is specialization. Some players have the resources to create great SX-NFT squads, while others are great players and tacticians. Rent your SX-NFT to other players and share the profits!