Space Xmitter Token

SX token (Space Xmitter) is a Spaxe Xmitter ecological governance token issued based on ERC20. SX token will be airdropped in a small amount in the early stage, and will only release value in contract games afterwards The value of SX tokens will continue to increase in the following aspects:
  1. 1.
    SX will be required as a primary/secondary ticket in all contract games in the future
  2. 2.
    More than half of the transaction fee of each game will be repurchased into SX, which will enter the black hole and continue to deflate SX tokens are empowered and circulated with contract games, aiming to become a value currency for interesting game experiences, purchase of SX-NFT, participation in SX contract games, and management of Space Xmitter land hubs. The purpose of SX is to support multiple games on the Space Xmitter platform, as well as decentralize its ownership and governance. We want to put the player in control.
The total supply of SX is 10,500,000
You can check the SX token price on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.