Space Xmitter Particles

Participate in Space Xmitter to earn SXP points even if you don't get a mainstream token reward
What are Space Xmitter Particles (SXP)?
• To cross-promote our skill-based DAPP, we offer real value sx tokens in prizes, so our users can try out advanced tournaments and 1v1 matches and challenge other players in the Space Xmitter DAPP. Even if the challenge fails, you can get SXP points rewards. SXP points can be exchanged for other ERC20 token rewards on the official website at present, and will be issued directly to your wallet address after exchange. You can read more on this topic in our introduction.
How can I win Space Xmitter Particles?
• You can get Space Xmitter Particles (SXP) when you fail a challenge, and SXP can also create value at Space Xmitter.
How to use Space Xmitter Particles?
• When participating in games that require token payment, you can choose to pay with SXP instead of tokens, so that you can participate in the game for free and all the rewards you get from the game can be obtained normally. You can exchange other ERC20 tokens on the store page, and the exchange will be credited directly to your wallet after paying GAS.