SX LP Pledging Activities

What is LP pledge activity?
We reward SX token holders for creating liquidity pools on uniswap. If you are not familiar with liquidity pools, you may want to research these first.
How can I participate in LP Staking?
Decide if you want to pledge on ETH(ERC20)or not. On the ETH(ERC20) network, pledge events are associated with the addition of SX/USDT pairs to the UNISWAP liquidity pool.
You will receive LP tokens as proof of doing so, and Pledge your LP tokens on Please remember that when you connect your wallet to the site, it needs to be located on the ETH (ERC20) network.You need a very small amount of ETH in your wallet to pay the gas fee.
Can I cancel my LP tokens at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your LP tokens at any time. You can also "Claim & Withdraw all" to cancel your LP tokens and receive your SX immediately.
How are the rewards calculated?
Rewards are issued every 1 minute according to APR, and the reward allocation takes into account the total number of pledged LP tokens and your share of them.
I participated in a staking event in the past but didn't claim my reward, can I still claim it?
Yes, it will show up as an inactive event on You will be able to claim your rewards and unstake LP tokens at any time.
What is APR?
APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. This is really just an estimate of what a participant's pledged rewards might look like. It assumes a scenario where nothing changes (the same number of LP tokens will be pledged and the same rewards will be distributed throughout the year). As the program develops, we will evaluate the first event and introduce more. If you keep your LP in your contract, you will regain your earnings when the new event goes live.
I got an error message saying "Network Error" You need to switch your wallet to the relevant network.
To stake SX/USDT LP, your wallet needs to be on the ETH(ERC20) mainnet network. If you are not sure what impermanent loss is and how liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges work, do your own research before investing.
I received an error message stating that "the transaction was rejected"
The trade was manually cancelled by you, or the trade failed due to insufficient gas, or there was a wrong instruction in the contract. One reason for this situation is that the set gas fee is lower than the fee required for a specific time of the transaction.Pasting the txn ID into may help reveal why the transaction was rejected or failed.
What is a pledge contract address?
You can view the contracts pledged by each LP by clicking on the 3 points and "Show Contracts".