Token Pledge

An SX token pledge is when a player chooses to pledge their SX tokens, which are then locked in a smart contract and cannot be used for the duration of the pledge.
This can be accomplished in a number of ways, depending on the purpose of the pledge.
Pledged Voting
The SX token is a governance token that can be used to vote and influence decisions around product features and game content. Specifically, we are looking to create decentralized decision making in the following areas.
• The game content will be displayed on the official website of Space Xmitter
• Prize pool distribution for Space Xmitter products
• Around Space Xmitter hubs and SX-NFT functions
Reward earning
• Over time, promotions will be organized to allow SX holders to earn various rewards by adding SX to the liquidity pool. Rewards will vary depending on the program's marketing activities and the invitation of new partners to participate.
The pledge campaign will be announced on the official Twitter feed and displayed on the Space Xmitter website