Token Utility

SX Coin allows holders to participate in quarterly contract games, as well as purchase, upgrade and trade items within new games.
Space Xmitter enables holders to participate in the governance layer of the ecosystem, voting on platform roadmap features and new game content. SX tokens are expanded for use in DApps.
Game Payments and Tickets
Players need SX tokens to pay for items such as entry fees for all tournaments in DAPP and SX-NFT
Game Rewards
Initial rewards for supporting games are paid in DAPP, these will be replaced by sponsorship rewards (partner tokens)
NFT Purchase and Rental
Players need SX to purchase game characters in Space Xmitter and SX-NFT, various in-game items, custom platform avatars, and virtual real estate types.
The SX token will facilitate the rental of NFTs (game characters, real estate).
NFT Upgrade and Cultivation
Players will use SX to upgrade their S-NFT and increase the overall power and stats of the NFT, as well as use SX to breed new S-NFT
Market will enable the community to buy, rent and trade game items for SX tokens. Items include game characters (such as S-NFTs), in-game items, and virtual real estate.
Space Xmitter will allow SX holders to participate in decisions about platform features and game roadmaps