Free Rocket NFT Rewards

Each game will have a corresponding free play to get Space Xmitter NFT
space xmitter will give away 2,700 NFTs in the first phase on a first-come, first-served basis. Holders of Space Xmitter NFTs will become
shareholders of the platform and enjoy two major benefits:
(1) Enjoy 30% of the platform profit share
(2) 50% of the platform's proceeds will be invested in all of Musk's web3.0 projects when they open a new round of funding, and the stocks and dividends earned will be distributed in the form of tokens to shareholders who hold NFT.
①Steps to obtain NFT
Every time you invite 5 friends, you can get 1 NFT-A (including the first 10 friends), which can be obtained unlimited times. For example, if you invite 20 friends, you can get 4 A-level NFTs, and if you invite 30 friends, you can get 6 A-level NFTs. The NFT dividend income can be superimposed
②Steps to obtain NFT
1) Users who participate in the Gold Code will receive 1 rocket part per day, which can be given to any of their friends
2) If you receive 1 rocket part per day, you will complete one collection task. (Receiving 1 per day for the first 14 days counts as completing the task, and receiving 2 per day for the next 20 days counts as completing it)
After completing the collection of rocket parts 34 times, you will get 1 A-level NFTs , issued directly to the wallet
Detailed explain:
1. The first 6 digits of the player's address is their ID, when giving parts, enter the ID to give
2. Players who are participating in the Gold Code Game get one free bonus part per day (players do not own the part )
3. If the parts are not given away on that day, they will be cleared at 23:58 on that day.
4. No giveaway opportunities for users who have finished the Gold Code game, or for those who did not participate in the game
5. If you complete the number of parts required for the day, click "sign in" on the official website to accumulate one collection time
6. If the number of parts acquired at 21-34 times is < 2, the number of parts acquired on that day is cleared to 0. This does not affect the accumulated number of successful collections.
7. The maximum accumulation to 34 times, after the accumulation of 34 successful collection of parts, the system issued a NFT, the account no longer get parts gift eligibility, and can no longer sign in, that is, each address can only get once rocket NFT rewards(1 A-level NFTs , issued directly to the wallet)
8.Each A-level NFT can produce 3 SX per day, which can be superimposed unlimitedly, or transferred to other wallet addresses, and can be exchanged for USDT at the pancake after receiving the rewards on the official website every day
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