How to play

The Gold Code game is inspired by Musk's Tesla car, which contributed R&D funds to Musk's spacex, bringing spacex one step closer to flying to Mars.
The Gold Code game gives players the opportunity to get rich in a 100% open and transparent system. The handling fee will be donated to Space Xmitter's development fund. Even if users do not receive USDT rewards, they can still get the same amount of SXP. SXP points can be exchanged for various token rewards on the official website.
Instructions 👉Learn more
✨•1.Spend 100usdt (BEP-20) to participate in the challenge, which officially starts the next day and is refreshed daily at 24:00 US Western Time
✨•2.Every 7 days 1 round, the earnings will be increased automatically. The first two rounds have 10USDT base earnings per round, and each friend invited to participate will increase the base earnings of the round by 40%, with a maximum of 5 friend invitation bonus per round
✨•3.The first two rounds of earnings determine the entire game earnings, from the third round to invite friends to participate no longer increase earnings
✨•4.At the end of each round, you can click on Continue Challenge to participate in the next round for higher earnings, or click on End Challenge to get the sum of all previous earnings. Re-challenge requires inviting friends and paying for tickets again.
if you find official contract bugs, contact @SpaceXServe to receive 100,000 USDT reward.
Bug bounty address: 0xa4B042045D9ffEFb0ef0cae02f9064b64b307b6e (ERC20)