How much can I withdraw?
l There is no cap! As soon as you click End Challenge after completing a round, you will be able to withdraw it all.
Can I withdraw only part of my balance?
•l Not available. You cannot adjust the amount you can withdraw - you will always withdraw your entire balance at once.
Do I have to invite my friends?
•l You can also gain without inviting friends, inviting friends can increase the number of Gold Code earnings, and is not required.
Is there a fee for ending the challenge?
•l There is a 14% commission and 7% will be added to SX's uniwap liquidity pool and the 7% commission will be distributed as platform revenue.
What other rewards can I get after participating?
•l Each Space Xmitter contract game comes with additional free activities to earn NFT, token rewards, and additional Rocket NFT bonus activities to earn Space Xmitter NFT after participating in the Gold Series game
What are the requirements to quit?
•l At least one round (7 days) of the Gold Code must be completed.However, if you quit and join again, you need to pay for the tickets again and invite your friends to participate again.
However, if you participate again after quitting, you need to re-pay for tickets and re-invite friends to participate