How to play

K Line King
1. Place a bet on SX, an integer number from 10 to 1000.
2. The K-line is calculated from the time the bet is placed and the end K-line price is chosen before the end of the round. If the K-line price of the round is greater than or equal to your end price, you win, and for every 1% increase, you get 20% of the principal gain of the bet, and if it is less than your end price, the SX bet is paid into the prize pool.
3. You can choose your end price until the end of the round, and if you don't choose your end price before the end of the round, the SX bets are paid into the pot.
4. You can select a price lower than the current K-Line and return the original amount of SX wagered after a win.
5. Having new players in the game will extend the round for up to 24 hours per round, and the last participant in the round will receive 48% of the total prize pool.
6. The contract reads UNISWAP data, and if SX goes live on other exchanges, UNISWAP data will prevail.
For example: bet 10 SX, the price is 1.00 USDT at the time of betting
Every 1% up to get 20% of the betting amount of earnings (2 SX), up to 2.00 USDDT is 20 times the earnings (200 SX)
Winning conditions: K line up when you have to calculate the timing to choose to end, up to 2.00 USDT choose to end is 20 times earnings, but K line and may rise to 5.00 USDT, you are also 20 times earnings.
However, if the K-line ends up at 1.99 USDT, and you don't choose a price greater than or equal to the end, then your bets will be paid into the prize pool.
Put in 10% of SX as a commission, no new participants within 24 hours, the game will open and the last participant will get 48% of the prize pool; for each new participant added, the game length increases by 1 minute, but the maximum for a single round is 24 hours.
K Line King is being improved and updated, it needs to be tested and optimized, please pay attention to the official preview on the official website for the specific rules and contents.